Why Californians are Moving to Arizona

Ever noticed how more and more Californians are saying “Later, Cali” and heading straight for Arizona, especially hanging out in the cool spots like the Phoenix metro area? As movers who’ve helped tons of folks make the switch from California to virtually every nook and cranny in the US, we’ve got the lowdown on why people are digging our awesome state. But hey, why exactly are Californians choosing Arizona?

If you’re thinking of moving or just curious, you’re in for a treat! Here, we’ve got seven juicy reasons why Californians are making a beeline for Arizona, and why we reckon it might just be your jam too. Let’s spill the beans.


So, check this out – there’s this big ol’ wave of Americans waving goodbye to Cali and setting up shop in Arizona.

Get this: Census.gov says a whopping 70,000 folks made the trek from California to Arizona in 2019 alone! And hey, we didn’t pack all 70,000 in our trucks, but we’ve helped quite a bunch of them settle in.


Here’s why the Arizona magnet is pulling them in:

Living it Up for Less: Arizona’s been rocking the affordable vibe for a while now. Groceries, utilities, healthcare – you name it, it’s cheaper here compared to the California hustle.

Tax Perks: Arizona’s got those lower income tax rates, meaning you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Schooling Scores: Families roll into Arizona looking for top-notch schools, and we’ve got plenty of ’em. Public schools, universities – we’ve got the whole education shebang going on here.

Job Fiesta: The job scene’s buzzing, especially with big companies and tech firms setting up shop. If you’re hunting for a gig, this might just be the spot.

Traffic Chill: Compared to California’s crazy traffic, Arizona’s roads are a breeze. Say goodbye to those endless jams!

Mother Nature’s Beauty: We’ve got some killer landscapes – think Grand Canyon and other jaw-dropping spots that’ll make you want to call Arizona home sweet home.

Safety Dance: Arizona’s got fewer natural disasters. No more worrying about earthquakes or forest fires cramping your style.

House-Hunting 101: Phoenix homes are a steal compared to California prices. For around $280,000, you could snag a sweet crib here – that’s like half the price you’d pay in California!


Now, choosing your chill spot in Arizona? Phoenix is rad, but we’ve got other cool cities like Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson – you name it. Plenty of choices for every taste.

So, as the California-Arizona migration party keeps going, it’s all about finding that perfect place to kick back. Whether you’re vibing with the Phoenix hustle or craving Sedona’s chill vibes, Arizona’s rolling out the welcome mat for your new adventure.