Where are the SAFEST places in Phoenix?

Where are the SAFEST places in Phoenix?

If you’re planning a move to Phoenix from another state you might be wondering about the suburbs in the area. Today we’ll take a look at this question and highlight six suburbs that are well known for their safety. Our analysis is based on sources like niche.com, areaVibes, and neighborhoodscout.com.

It’s important to note that our selection is grounded in data rather than personal opinion. As a resident, I can confirm that these suburbs consistently receive high ratings for low crime rates and overall safety. However, it’s crucial to consider factors as well when deciding on your ideal place to live. Towards the end of this article, I’ll provide insights and considerations to aid you in your relocation journey.

Let’s now explore the six suburbs in Phoenix, Arizona without any particular ranking. We’ll start with Buckeye—a community located on the far west side of Phoenix.

safest cities in arizona

Buckeye has a crime index score of 42 out of 100 on neighborhoodscout.com reflecting its commitment, to maintaining safety standards.

While the score may not appear high it’s crucial to acknowledge that many of the suburbs we’re discussing today have a significant population, which affects crime rates. Buckeye stands out as an option for those looking for safety without spending too much thanks to its affordable housing choices.


Moving on to our entry on the list, Surprise is located in the northwest area of Phoenix. With a crime index score of 31 Surprise provides an environment particularly appealing for retirees. Although it has been historically recognized as a retirement community Surprise has now become more inclusive towards families and younger residents. The median sale price in 2023 is $430,000 making it an affordable alternative compared to some pricier suburbs nearby.


As we head eastward we find ourselves in Paradise Valley bordering Scottsdale and encompassing the Camelback Mountain. With a crime index score of 32 Paradise Valley impresses with its low violent crime rate of 0.69, per thousand residents. This upscale suburb is renowned for its awe-inspiring mountain views and luxurious homes; however, it does come with a price tag since the median sale price reaches $3.3 million.

safest cities in arizona

Further east lies Fountain Hills—a place that combines safety and affordability appealingly. With a crime index score of 38 and a sale price of $625,000—Fountain Hills manages to strike that ideal balance.

Fountain Hills though a bit more expensive than some suburbs offers a variety of housing options like condos and single-family homes.


Gilbert, located southeast of Phoenix has gained recognition for being family-friendly and having a school system. Despite its crime index score of 42 Gilbert is known to be safe with a violent crime rate of 1.19 per thousand residents. The median sale price in 2023 is around $570,000 indicating the increasing popularity of the area.

safest cities in arizona

Now let’s turn our attention to Queen Creek, situated on the outskirts of Phoenix. It’s acknowledged as the suburb with a crime index score of 47. Queen Creek has seen growth lately, especially in terms of new construction. Taking into account data from the surrounding San Tan Valley area the median sale price stands at $478,000. While Queen Creek’s affordability has changed over time it remains a family-friendly community.


It’s important to note that these suburbs serve as a starting point for finding a comfortable home in the Phoenix Metro area. Cities like Tempe and Mesa may not always receive safety scores as a whole but have neighborhoods with excellent safety records. Exploring zip codes and neighborhoods, within these cities might uncover hidden gems that align with your safety preferences.

If you’re looking for an understanding of safety and crime rates, in the entire Phoenix Metro area I recommend watching this informative video. Keep in mind that when you’re planning your move safety is one factor to consider. Each suburb has its distinct charm and lifestyle to offer.