Top 14 Places to Visit in Paradise Valley

Top 14 Places to Visit in Paradise Valley

When you set foot in Paradise Valley, you’ll instantly feel the vibe of its well-deserved name. This Arizona gem, nestled in Maricopa County near Phoenix, boasts not just wealth but a treasure trove of natural wonders that attracted pioneers even amidst the desert.

Considering a base in Arizona? Paradise Valley’s got you covered! From top-notch dining to lavish shopping spots, this town reflects its affluent aura.

Before diving into this diverse paradise, a little planning wouldn’t hurt, given the abundance of attractions waiting to be explored.


Golfing Galore: Paradise Valley is a golfer’s dream! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, nearby Phoenix’s array of courses cater to all skill levels. Try your swing at the challenging yet rewarding Short Course at Mountain Shadows or indulge in the panoramic beauty of Camelback Golf Club’s fairways. These spots often host PGA Tour events, promising a golfing experience unlike any other.

Top 14 Places to Visit in Paradise Valley
Mohave Trail: Nature beckons! The Mohave Trail, a hiker’s delight, offers an immersive experience in untouched landscapes. With stunning vistas and a pet-friendly policy, it’s an ideal spot for a serene trek. Keep your camera handy for the captivating wildflowers and wildlife sightings, but tread cautiously around the occasional reptilian neighbors, especially the rattlers. Don’t forget ample water and comfy footwear for a fulfilling day out.

Mummy Mountain: Venture into the recreational haven of Mummy Mountain, a sprawling 320-acre natural expanse. Ascend to the mountain’s peak at over 2,200 feet for sweeping panoramic views. Despite development at its base, the untouched upper reaches retain their pristine allure. Originally christened by banker Charles Mieg, who fancied its outline to resemble an Egyptian Mummy, this locale promises an unadulterated escape into nature’s embrace.

Cosanti Originals: Discover the artistic realm of Paolo Soleri! Once the celebrated architect’s studio, Cosanti Originals now stands as a public gallery showcasing Soleri’s iconic wind bells crafted from ceramic and bronze. The gallery houses an array of historical artifacts, including unique bowls and pots, adding a layer of cultural depth to your visit. While perusing Soleri’s original works, you might stumble upon captivating novelty items that catch your eye.

O.H.S.O. Brewery: Embark on a flavor-filled journey at the Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost! Beyond just a brewery, O.H.S.O. offers a wide menu with gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives. Popular during happy hours, it’s an ideal spot to mingle with locals or fellow visitors. Indulge in everything from brunch to delectable drinks or stay for a sumptuous dinner.

Top 14 Places to Visit in Paradise Valley
Jade Bar: Unwind at the Jade Bar, nestled within the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort. Known for its extensive range of drinks made from natural ingredients, this bar offers a sensory delight. Indulge in carefully crafted cocktails while local musicians serenade you during certain hours. Plan a hassle-free visit by arranging transportation to fully savor the experience without worrying about driving.

Paradise Valley Country Club: Embrace luxury and leisure at the Paradise Valley Country Club. This opulent locale stands as a testament to the town’s affluence. Beyond its scenic vistas, the club offers an array of activities to entertain the entire family. Whether lounging amidst breathtaking landscapes or diving into health and fitness facilities, this club ensures a memorable day. Tennis enthusiasts relish the ten courts, while the exquisite dining and wine elevate the experience.

El Chorro Lodge: Step into El Chorro Lodge’s vibrant ambiance brimming with activities and events. Engage in a game of bocce on their courts, relish delectable meals, or groove to live music. This venue, often sought for special occasions, including weddings, offers an inviting space for all. Enjoy a spontaneous visit or plan in advance for a memorable outing.

Top 14 Places to Visit in Paradise Valley
Cholla Trailhead: Embark on a scenic hike at Cholla Trailhead near Paradise Valley. The three-mile trek offers stunning views of the town and a chance to encounter local wildlife. Whether capturing snapshots or enjoying a leisurely walk, this trail presents a tranquil escape. Keep your camera ready to capture the diverse birdlife while staying hydrated throughout the journey.

Joya Spa: Pamper yourself at Joya Spa, nestled in the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa. From healing stone treatments to rejuvenating sauna sessions, this spa promises relaxation. Immerse in the pool’s serenity before indulging in various therapeutic treatments. The attentive staff ensures a revitalizing experience, making it a must-visit during your stay in Paradise Valley.

Barry Goldwater Memorial: Commemorating Senator Barry Goldwater, this memorial, situated amidst the Botanical Gardens, honors his influential political career. Crafted by artist Joe Beeler, a bronze statue of Goldwater stands amidst paths adorned with his notable quotes and career milestones. An essential stop for those interested in American political history, the memorial offers insight into Goldwater’s significant contributions.

Top 14 Places to Visit in Paradise Valley
Franciscan Renewal Center: Delve into the Franciscan Friars’ world at the Franciscan Renewal Center, part of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. Visitors, irrespective of religious affiliation, find solace here. Engage in prayer or contribute as a volunteer to aid those in need. Every helping hand contributes to the center’s noble cause of assisting the less fortunate.

Glendale Historic District: Venture to Glendale, a city a short distance from Paradise Valley, and explore its historical district. Stroll among quaint bungalows, shaded by mature trees, and witness charming white picket fences. Antique shops and restaurants line the streets, offering a glimpse into the past with gaslit sidewalks. Immerse yourself in a bygone era within this vibrant district.

Scottsdale Marketplace: Shopping enthusiasts will find paradise at Scottsdale Marketplace. This upscale destination caters to varied tastes, boasting top brands across a spectrum of items. From antiques to home decor and gifts, the marketplace offers a treasure trove of high-quality products. Don’t miss Heidi’s Corner or Artique Asian Imports for unique finds.