Things to Know About Buying New Construction Homes in Arizona

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Are you considering moving to the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, but unsure about the costs of new construction homes in different suburbs? Phoenix, being the fifth-largest city in the United States, offers a plethora of options across its expansive area, making it essential to understand the varying prices in different neighborhoods. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the costs of new construction homes across ten different suburbs surrounding Phoenix.


Phoenix Real Estate Landscape

With the booming real estate market in Phoenix, it’s crucial to grasp the dynamics driving the prices of new construction homes. High demand, coupled with limited supply, has created a competitive sellers’ market, making new construction properties highly sought after.


The Suburbs of Phoenix

Starting our journey in the Northwest Valley, areas like Peoria boast significant growth and offer a variety of new construction homes. With an average price of $839,000 and approximately $317 per square foot, Peoria provides an attractive option for those seeking modern living spaces.

Moving counterclockwise, Surprise emerges as another popular suburb with relatively more affordable options. With an average price of $553,000 and $255 per square foot, Surprise presents a compelling choice for budget-conscious buyers.

As we navigate further, the Southwest Valley beckons with the burgeoning suburb of Goodyear. Offering homes at an average price of $587,000 and $254 per square foot, Goodyear strikes a balance between affordability and quality living.

Central Phoenix and Beyond

Central Phoenix, with its diverse neighborhoods and proximity to urban amenities, presents a mix of luxury and convenience. However, with an average price of $2.3 million and $610 per square foot, properties here cater to those with higher budgets.

South Phoenix, while offering more affordable options compared to central areas, still boasts an average price of $1.1 million and $422 per square foot. This reflects the ongoing trend of rising real estate prices across the valley.


New Construction Market

Understanding the nuances of the new construction market is essential for buyers. Builders often provide incentives and credits, especially when represented by experienced real estate agents. With insider knowledge and industry connections, buyers can negotiate better deals and access exclusive offers, making the home-buying process smoother and more rewarding.



The Phoenix real estate market offers a plethora of options for buyers seeking new construction homes. From the suburban tranquility of Peoria to the urban allure of Central Phoenix, each neighborhood has its unique charm and price range. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned real estate professionals, buyers can navigate the market with confidence, ensuring a seamless and rewarding home-buying experience in the Valley of the Sun.