The Good, The Bad to Living In North Scottsdale’s Newest Development

Imagine waking up to one of the most breathtaking views right outside your door. When you think of places like Silverleaf or Troon, you can bet that the high price tag is due to these great views. But what if you had a chance to not only live among this magic but to do so with a home at a price equal to or even lower than most established communities here? Join us as we dive deep into the real-life experience of living in none other than Story Rock.


The Magnificent Landscape

Story Rock, nestled in the heart of North Scottsdale, is a true hidden gem. If you’ve ever dreamt of having your backyard next to a sprawling 30,000-acre preserve called the McDowell Mountain Preserve, then Story Rock is your dream come true. This preserve extends into the Tonto National Forest, offering an additional 3 million acres of pristine desert beauty. This means vast expanses of protected wilderness with breathtaking 360-degree views of the iconic mountain range. From the peaks of the McDowell Mountain Preserve to the beauty of the Tonto National Forest and the stunning Four Peaks Mountain range, the vistas are simply awe-inspiring.


Natural Area of Open Space (NAOS)

One of the most remarkable features of Story Rock is its commitment to preserving natural beauty. Most homes in this community have adjacent Natural Area of Open Space (NAOS), which ensures a certain percentage of land within the development remains undisturbed or restored to its natural state. This zoning provision protects native plants, wildlife, and gives North Scottsdale its unique allure. The absence of block walls between neighbors allows for a sense of space and uniqueness that sets this community apart from typical suburban settings.

Endless Hiking Opportunities

If hiking is your passion, Story Rock is your playground. Spread over 462 acres, it boasts an incredible 200 miles of hiking trails. With seven trailheads providing access to the Sonoran Mountain Preserve, it’s like having a VIP pass to some of the most picturesque hiking trails in Arizona. From the challenging climb to Tom’s Thumb to shorter, scenic hikes and even marathon treks, there’s a trail for everyone. And for the daredevils, a hike to Fountain Hills from Story Rock is an epic adventure waiting to happen.


The Downsides: Walkability and Distance

While Story Rock offers unparalleled natural beauty and privacy, it comes with some trade-offs. If you’re looking for a casual stroll to grab a meal or groceries, be prepared for a short drive. The closest pizza place is a 13-minute drive, and other grocery stores may require a 10 to 24-minute drive. The absence of nearby commercial zones may mean limited walkability but also ensures an absence of the typical industrial and commercial eyesores.

No Golf Course, but Abundant Options

One slight downside is the absence of a golf course within Story Rock itself. However, this is North Scottsdale, and the area is renowned for its fabulous public golf courses. The lack of a golf course in the community is easily compensated by the wealth of golfing options in the vicinity.


Distance to Entertainment

For those seeking a night out or a date night, be prepared for a drive of at least 20 minutes, potentially up to 45 minutes, depending on your destination. Whether you’re heading to Desert Ridge Mall, Old Town Scottsdale, or a fine steakhouse, the beauty of Story Rock’s surroundings makes these drives a small trade-off for the idyllic lifestyle it offers.

Story Rock is a true hidden treasure in North Scottsdale, offering unparalleled natural beauty, privacy, and a hiking enthusiast’s paradise. While it may come with some trade-offs, the breathtaking vistas and unique charm of this community make it a truly special place to call home. If the allure of Story Rock is calling to you, don’t hesitate to explore this hidden gem further and consider making your dream Arizona home a reality.