The 5 BEST Parks in Gilbert, Arizona

The 5 BEST Parks in Gilbert, Arizona

Living in Gilbert, Arizona, a desert city can sometimes feel like navigating through an urban landscape. However, Gilbert has achieved a balance by creating a range of parks that cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a nature walk looking to have fun with your furry friend at a dog park or seeking organized sports activities Gilbert offers a park that suits your needs perfectly. Come along with me Courtney Stelic, your Phoenix realtor as we discover the top five parks in Gilbert—each with its unique features designed to meet your requirements.


Freestone District Park

Location; North Gilbert (Higley and Guadalupe)

Established; 1988

Facilities; Three playground areas, pavilions for picnics, batting cages for sports enthusiasts, a skate park for thrill seekers,

tennis courts for those seeking a game and softball field.

Unique Feature; The Freestone railroad—a mini train reminiscent of the 1930s—and an enchanting carousel specifically designed for kids. Additionally 

there is a recreation center adjacent to the park.

The 5 BEST Parks in Gilbert, Arizona

Water Ranch Preserve

Location; Adjacent to Freestone Park

Features; Seven ponds that enhance the natural beauty of the area; hiking and running trails for outdoor enthusiasts; multi-use trails that accommodate various activities;

a serene fishing lake where you can relax and enjoy some angling adventures; and camping sites to experience nature up close.

Purpose; The preserve was created to promote awareness and appreciation for Arizona’s natural environments. It serves as a desert oasis, within our cityscape.


Cactus Yards; Premier Sports Complex

Location; Situated in East Gilbert at the intersection of Power and Elliot Cactus Yards is a top-notch sports facility catering to both youth and adult programs. It offers a range of indoor fields for soccer, flag football, and softball enthusiasts. To satisfy your appetite after a thrilling game you can head over to Slider Sports Grill—the on-site sports grill.

Events; Cactus Yards hosts an array of engaging events that bring the community together. One such unique activity is the Bubble Bashers, where participants play soccer while wearing bubble suits.

The 5 BEST Parks in Gilbert, Arizona

Cosmo Park

Location; Nestled at the crossroads of Ray and Greenfield lies Cosmo Park—a paradise for dog lovers. This park boasts attractions including playgrounds, fitness classes, and most notably the renowned Cosmo Dog Park. Here your furry friends can enjoy a man-made lake specifically designed for their swimming pleasure.

Note; Cosmo Park is a Certified Autism Center that aims to provide a welcoming environment for individuals with sensitivities. Caregivers can access guides to help make their visit enjoyable.


Gilbert Regional Park

Location; Positioned in Southeast Gilbert near Queen Creek, Gilbert Regional Park offers an abundance of activities amidst diverse surroundings. You’ll find pickleball courts, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, an impressive 4,000 sq ft Splash Pad perfect for cooling off on days iconic playgrounds suitable for all ages, as well as an amphitheater and vast green spaces where you can unwind.

The 5 BEST Parks in Gilbert, Arizona

Features; In addition to its existing amenities, Gilbert Regional Park has exciting proposed additions in store. These include a climbing wall rope course pump track, park, and even a dog park complete with its very own Splash Pad—ensuring our four-legged friends have a great time too.

Future Attraction; Look forward to the anticipated opening in 2025 of Cactus Surf Park—a 25-acre water park that promises endless fun. Featuring a water park, sandy beach areas cabanas for relaxation covered spaces for shade, and an impressive surf lagoon this upcoming attraction is set to be a highlight, in Gilbert’s recreational scene.


In conclusion, whether you live in Gilbert or you’re just visiting these parks offer a chance to enjoy nature, sports, and community. Each park is an example of Gilbert’s dedication to providing diverse recreational opportunities for its residents. Keep an eye out for developments at Gilbert Regional Park and make sure to take the time to explore these green havens that contribute to the vibrant lifestyle in this desert city. Here’s to an amazing day of exploring all that Gilbert has to offer!