Pros and Cons of Living in Power Ranch, Gilbert, Arizona

If you’re thinking about moving to the town of Gilbert, the lovely Power Ranch neighborhood you’re, in for a real treat. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in Power Ranch based on experiences and insights.

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The Pros:

Beautiful Walking Trails

One of the standout features of Power Ranch is its network of walking trails that span approximately 26.5 miles. These trails wind their way through the community providing a setting for evening strolls morning jogs or leisurely walks. The lush green surroundings add a touch of enchantment. Create a peaceful atmosphere for outdoor activities.

Abundance of Parks

Power Ranch takes family-friendly living up a notch with parks scattered throughout the community. Each neighborhood within Power Ranch has its park, complete with structures and green spaces. These parks offer opportunities for families to enjoy activities together and create lasting memories.

Access to Pools

Residents of Power Ranch have access, to two maintained pools.

There are two pools, in the community one of which is year-round and even has a baby pool for the little ones. The other pool, known as the ” pool ” has fun sea creature features that are perfect for younger kids. These pools add a touch to the amenities available in the community.


Quality Schools

For families with children who go to school, Power Ranch offers access to facilities. There are two schools within the neighborhood; Centennial and Power Ranch Elementary. These schools have received ratings with Power Ranch Elementary earning a perfect score on GreatSchools. It’s definitely an advantage for families to have quality schools nearby.


Diverse Housing Options

When it comes to housing options Power Ranch caters to a range of budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single-family home there’s something for everyone. You can find dwellings as well as spacious luxury homes that suit different lifestyles and financial circumstances.


Now let’s consider some drawbacks;

The Cons:


Unfinished Development

You might notice some areas of land when you first enter Power Ranch, along Ranch House Parkway and Germain Street. These parcels of land have been left unfinished due to reasons, like the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis.

While there may be plans, for patio homes in the future some residents and potential buyers consider the current state of these areas to be unattractive.


Distance from Shopping

Power Ranch is situated far from shopping centers and commercial districts. There are no downtown or heritage districts within walking distance. In order to access shopping, dining, and other amenities residents typically need to rely on transportation, which may be less convenient for those seeking an environment.


Unusable Clubhouse

Although the community boasts a clubhouse it has been closed for a period of time making it less usable for residents. Initially, the closure was due to difficulties in finding staff. Recently limited access has been imposed due to COVID-19. The closure of this facility can be disappointing for those who would like to enjoy its amenities.



Aggressive HOA

The Homeowners Association (HOA) at Power Ranch is known for its enforcement of community rules and guidelines. While some appreciate the attention to detail others may find it overly strict or intrusive. The HOA’s proactive approach often leads to notices being issued for infractions, which could be viewed as a drawback, by certain residents.


No Overnight Street Parking

Power Ranch strictly enforces a policy that prohibits street parking.

A security guard keeps an eye on the streets during the night giving warnings for any violations. While this policy helps maintain the appearance of the community it can create issues for households that have vehicles especially if they use their garages for storage.


To sum up, Power Ranch offers benefits, like walking trails, parks, top-notch schools, a wide range of housing options, and access to pools. However, there are drawbacks such as ongoing development in some areas distance from shopping centers, a closed clubhouse, an active homeowners association that enforces rules diligently, and restrictions on parking overnight on the streets. Like with any community decision-making process, it is important to consider these factors in conjunction with your preferences and priorities when contemplating a move to Power Ranch, in Gilbert Arizona.