Pros and Cons of Living in Gilbert AZ

Nestled southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert, Arizona, has emerged as a vibrant and rapidly growing town with a rich history dating back to 1902 when William Gilbert generously donated land for the Arizona Eastern Railway. Over time, this once-small city has blossomed into a thriving community that beckons both newcomers and long-time residents. Delving into the heart of Gilbert unveils a tapestry of advantages and drawbacks that define life in this sun-kissed locale.


Pros of Living in Gilbert

Family-Friendly Environment

Gilbert offers a haven for families seeking safety and tranquility. With a crime rate significantly lower than the national average, at 13 offenses per 1000 residents, it fosters a secure atmosphere where children can thrive outdoors without unnecessary worry.


Sheltered from Natural Disasters

Unlike many parts of the country, Gilbert experiences minimal exposure to natural disasters. Shielded from frequent earthquakes and wildfires, its distance from forested areas reduces the risk of these calamities, offering residents peace of mind.


Proximity to Phoenix

Just a short drive away from Phoenix, Gilbert provides the best of both worlds—an idyllic small-town setting paired with easy access to the metropolitan amenities and bustling energy of Arizona’s capital.

Scenic Landscapes

Enveloped by picturesque hills and mountains, Gilbert caters to nature enthusiasts. From Silly Mountain to the allure of Bulldog Canyon Gate, the town invites exploration and adventure amidst stunning vistas.


Abundance of Outdoor Activities

The town’s embrace of Arizona’s natural beauty offers a plethora of family-oriented outdoor activities. From the Water Ranch’s Riparian Preserve to heritage districts and farmer’s markets, there’s no shortage of places to create lasting memories.


Low Crime Rates

Gilbert’s commitment to safety shines through its impressively low crime rates, creating a secure environment where families can flourish without fear.

Excellent Education System

A standout feature is its exceptional public school system, with over 70 schools ranking above A-. This robust educational foundation solidifies Gilbert as an ideal place to nurture a family.


Favorable Weather

Though summers can be scorching, the rest of the year showcases delightful weather, boasting over 300 days of sunshine annually—a compelling draw for those seeking a snow-free haven.


Cons of Living in Gilbert

High Cost of Living

The town’s growth has inflated living expenses, with costs soaring 44% higher than the national average, predominantly driven by housing expenses.


Traffic Congestion

Rush hour congestion can elongate commutes, occasionally doubling travel times between Gilbert and Phoenix, which might become a frustration for daily commuters.

Limited Public Transportation

Gilbert’s modest size restricts public transit options, relying largely on neighboring areas like Mesa and Tempe for more extensive transportation networks.


Air Quality Concerns

Occasional dust storms and ozone pollution, exacerbated by the arid climate, can diminish air quality, posing health concerns for residents.


Sweltering Summers

Extreme heat dominates summer months, with temperatures frequently surpassing 100 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to limitations on outdoor activities during peak daylight hours.

Limited Nightlife

For those seeking vibrant nightlife, Gilbert might not be satisfied, as the city leans toward family-friendly daytime activities, with nightlife options more abundant in neighboring areas.


Residential Overgrowth

The evolution of suburban neighborhoods has transformed the cityscape, replacing desert vistas with residential developments, and altering the once-pristine aesthetic.


Occasional Odors

Proximity to livestock farms sporadically introduces certain odors into the atmosphere, a byproduct that some residents find off-putting on occasion.