Pros and Cons of Living in Cooley Station, Gilbert, Arizona

Arizona is known for its stunning neighborhoods, and Cooley Station in Gilbert is no exception. In this video, we’ll explore the pros and cons of living in this beautiful community, offering valuable insights for potential residents and those considering a move to the Grand Canyon State.



 Amenities for All Ages: Cooley Station is a Fulton community, known for its family-friendly amenities. The community is designed to foster a sense of togetherness, featuring central parks and green spaces where residents can bond and create lasting memories.

Newer Community: Gilbert rarely sees the emergence of newer communities, and Cooley Station is an exception. Being a relatively new development, it offers modern housing options without the steep price tag associated with many new neighborhoods in the area.

Location: Despite its southern location in Gilbert, Cooley Station offers convenient access to downtown Gilbert and neighboring attractions like Agritopia. This proximity to entertainment and amenities is a significant advantage for residents.

Verde Cooley Station: Verde Cooley Station, a nearby retail and entertainment district, is shaping up to be a charming gathering spot. It hosts outdoor events, has an amphitheater for live music, restaurants like The Brass Tap, and various stores, making it a mini-downtown for the community.

Proximity to SanTan Village Mall: Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate that the SanTan Village Mall is only a short drive away, providing access to a wide range of retail and dining options.



Home Size: If you’re in the market for spacious, oversized homes, Cooley Station may not be the ideal neighborhood for you. The homes in this community are predominantly single-family starter homes, and while there are two-story patio homes, they are not known for being oversized.

Color Choices: Some residents have expressed concerns about the color choices for homes in Cooley Station. The color palettes for some houses are described as unconventional, featuring hues like brownish yellow, orange, and lime green. These color choices might not appeal to everyone’s tastes.

Cell Signal Issues: There have been reports of cell signal issues in the area, particularly concerning the availability of a reliable phone signal. Residents have noted challenges with their cell service, which could be a concern for those dependent on a strong signal.

Nearby Luxury Apartments: While these luxurious apartments are not necessarily a negative aspect, they are situated near the Cooley Station community. Some potential residents may consider this proximity a downside, as it introduces a different housing dynamic to the area.

Backyard Sizes: Backyard sizes in Cooley Station are relatively small. This can be a drawback if you desire ample outdoor space for recreation and entertainment. The limited backyard space may not be ideal for family gatherings or extensive landscaping.

Cooley Station in Gilbert, Arizona, offers a range of advantages, including family-friendly amenities, a newer community, and a convenient location. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as small backyard sizes and unconventional color choices for homes. 

Ultimately, the decision to live in this community depends on individual preferences and priorities.