Living in Storyrock, North Scottsdale: A Hidden Gem Amidst Iconic Mountains

Waking up to stunning vistas right at your doorstep is nothing short of a dream. But what if this dream was far more attainable than you thought?

The Allure of Arizona’s Mountains

When you hear about places like Silverleaf or Troon, it’s easy to imagine the hefty price tag accompanying their panoramic views. Yet, what if there was an opportunity to immerse oneself in this picturesque setting without burning a hole in your pocket?

Today, we uncover the magic of living in Storyrock—a community nestled amongst the iconic mountain range, offering some of the best views at prices that might surprise you.


Dive into Storyrock

From its magnificent landscapes to certain trade-offs that may not cater to everyone’s taste, Storyrock is a topic worth diving into.

“Imagine having your backyard next to a whopping 30,000-acre preserve called the McDowell Mountain Preserve. And then, this preserve extending into the Tonto National Forest—a staggering 3 million acres of pristine desert beauty.”

This means a vast expanse of wilderness that’s protected from future developments, ensuring that the breathtaking views remain unspoiled.

But what’s the real-life experience of living here? Let’s dive deeper.

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Pros of Living in Storyrock

Unparalleled Views of McDowell Mountains

Storyrock is a haven for those who appreciate nature’s grandeur. With 360-degree views of Mt. Beauty, the McDowell Mountain preserves to the south, and the Tonto National Forest to the east, residents are surrounded by an adventurer’s paradise.

Especially noteworthy is the Four Peaks Mountain range, a sight so beautiful that it often feels surreal.

Nature at its Best

This community stands out from the standard neighborhoods in Scottsdale. Instead of the usual cookie-cutter homes found elsewhere, Storyrock boasts of vast stretches of natural open spaces—thanks to a zoning provision called NAOS (Natural Area Open Space). This ensures a portion of land within a development remains undisturbed, protecting native plants, wildlife, and maintaining the unique charm of North Scottsdale.

Hiker’s Paradise

For those who have a penchant for hiking, Storyrock offers over 462 acres with more than 200 miles of trails. One of the highlights is the trail to Tom’s Thumb—a solid 4 to 5 mile round trip with an elevation climb of about 1300 feet.

hiking in mcdowell mountains

The Few Cons of Storyrock

Walkability Concerns

While Storyrock excels in offering a nature-centric lifestyle, it comes with the trade-off of convenience. The closest pizza place is a 13-minute drive, and essential places like grocery stores can take up to 24 minutes to reach.

Absence of Golf Course

One minor downside for some might be the lack of a golf course in the community. However, North Scottsdale more than compensates with its plethora of public golf courses.

Proximity to Entertainment

For those who enjoy a bustling nightlife or regular evenings out, the location might pose a challenge. Reaching popular spots can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.


Storyrock offers a serene lifestyle that harmoniously blends with nature. For those who value tranquillity, breathtaking views, and a touch of wilderness, it’s an unmatched choice.

Yet, every rose has its thorn. The remote nature of Storyrock might be its biggest strength, but it can also be a limitation for those who value convenience.

Still, if the call of North Scottsdale appeals to you, it’s worth considering Storyrock. And as always, having a seasoned realtor like Ryan Meeks from Escape to Arizona can make your Arizona house hunting journey smooth and memorable. Happy house hunting!

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