Living in Gilbert vs Chandler AZ

Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs have become a magnet for professionals in the technology sector, with Chandler and Gilbert standing out as two of the most prominent destinations. What were once humble agricultural communities have rapidly transformed into technological hubs, offering diverse career opportunities in fields such as engineering, aerospace, finance, and more. If you are in search of a safe, attractive, and family-friendly place to settle down in the Phoenix area, both Chandler and Gilbert provide excellent options. In this informative comparison, we’ll delve into the distinct features of each, helping you make an informed decision on where to call home.


Gilbert, Arizona


Gilbert School Systems

Safety and quality education go hand in hand, and Gilbert excels in both. The neighborhoods in Gilbert consistently rank high in safety, making it an ideal choice for families. According to, public schools in Gilbert receive an impressive A overall niche grade. This grade considers various aspects of education, including academics, diversity, and extracurricular activities, each of which is rated individually. Notably, all categories in the Gilbert school system receive a rating no lower than a B+, which is exceptional. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1, even in public schools, Gilbert provides a nurturing and well-rounded learning environment.


Riparian Nature Preserve

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. This picturesque nature preserve offers 4.5 miles of scenic trails, serene water features, and even welcomes equestrians. What sets this preserve apart is its innovative water management system, which reuses 100% of Gilbert’s effluent water, reflecting the town’s commitment to sustainability.

Gilbert Regional Park

In southeast Gilbert, the expansive Gilbert Regional Park awaits. Unlike the natural beauty of the Riparian Preserve, this park combines the conveniences of a city park with an abundance of green spaces. Once completed, it will encompass over 272 acres, providing a wealth of outdoor amenities, including playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and even an amphitheater.


Gilbert Farmers Market

Supporting sustainable agriculture and local businesses, the Gilbert Farmers Market is a fantastic place to shop for high-quality produce and a wide array of unique goods. Whether you’re in the market for homemade bath bombs, hot sauce, or beef jerky, you’ll find it here. Families can enjoy free samples and face painting, making it a great outing to embrace the local culture and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Heritage District Downtown

For a taste of Gilbert’s history, explore the Heritage District in Downtown Gilbert. The iconic Gilbert Water Tower, built in the 1920s for firefighting and city water storage, has been meticulously restored and transformed into a city park. Today, it hosts illuminating tower lightings throughout the year and a splash pad, providing a delightful escape from the desert sun.


Downtown Gilbert

Downtown Gilbert offers the perfect blend of culture and entertainment. The Hale Theatre, a beautifully renovated historic venue, presents exceptional theatrical performances year-round, including musicals, classical shows, and workshops. The level of talent and production quality rivals off-Broadway experiences, enriching the local cultural scene.


Chandler, Arizona



Chandler enjoys a strategic and central location within the Phoenix Metro Area. Regardless of your residence in Chandler, you’re just a short drive away from major highways traversing Phoenix, making your commute to the city or other destinations remarkably convenient. For frequent travelers, the airport is easily accessible, and the well-connected road network simplifies travel throughout the region.

Affordable Luxury Housing

Chandler stands out for its remarkable affordability in the realm of luxury housing. With the region’s population surging in recent decades, Chandler has witnessed the development of new neighborhoods to accommodate the influx of residents. Master-planned communities in Chandler offer luxury amenities like pools, tennis courts, well-lit walking paths, and more, all designed to enhance the living experience while remaining affordable. Homes in Chandler, despite their size and appearance, can be hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper than comparable properties in other parts of town.


Parks and Green Space

Chandler places a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation, just like Gilbert. Remarkably, Chandler even converts former landfills into green spaces, such as the Paseo Vista Landfill, now a sprawling park with no trace of its waste disposal history. Chandler’s parks boast numerous pavilions and shaded shelters for events and gatherings, ensuring a pleasant experience for residents and visitors alike.


Chandler School Systems

Chandler offers two major school districts, the Mesa School District and the Gilbert School District. Regardless of your district placement, you can expect excellent public schools in Chandler. These schools typically boast high graduation rates, extensive extracurricular offerings, and impressive attendance records. With a multitude of schools to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect educational fit for your family within a reasonable distance.


Shopping and Dining

Chandler is not lacking in entertainment options, whether you’re interested in catching a movie or dining at a fantastic restaurant. The city has created an environment that mirrors the offerings found in more expensive parts of Phoenix. The shopping centers are aesthetically pleasing, and the downtown area buzzes with vibrant nightlife. Additionally, numerous locally-owned establishments contribute to a unique and non-generic atmosphere. The diversity of options ensures there’s something for everyone, regardless of your budget.

Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off

For a taste of historical cuisine, the Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off is a must-attend event. Held in the fall at Tumbleweed Ranch, this two-day event allows you to step back in time as competitors don period clothing and cook with tools and ingredients reminiscent of the late 1800s. It’s a delightful journey into the past without the hardships of the Oregon Trail, offering a unique glimpse of history and culinary delights.


In conclusion, both Gilbert and Chandler offer their own distinct advantages and attractions, making them highly desirable places to live in the Phoenix area. When deciding between the two, consider your priorities, whether it’s exceptional schools and natural beauty in Gilbert or affordable luxury housing and a vibrant cultural scene in Chandler. Ultimately, both communities reflect the thriving and diverse landscape of the Phoenix metropolitan area, promising a bright future for residents and their families.