Living in Chandler VS Gilbert, Arizona

Moving to Arizona offers a plethora of options for settling down, but two cities often stand out: Chandler and Gilbert. While both are popular choices, understanding the nuances between them can help you make the best decision for your needs. In this guide, we’ll delve into the key differences and similarities between Chandler and Gilbert to assist you in making an informed choice.


Historical Roots

Both Chandler and Gilbert trace their origins back to the early 1900s when they were primarily agricultural communities. Over time, they evolved into thriving cities, with their humble beginnings evident in their historic downtown areas. Chandler boasts a rich technological heritage, thanks to Intel’s presence since the late ’70s, which spurred the development of a vibrant tech sector. In contrast, Gilbert’s growth has been more recent, with a diverse economy that includes prominent employers like GoDaddy and Isagenix.

Living in Chandler VS Gilbert, Arizona

Downtown Vibes

Exploring downtown Chandler reveals a charming mix of mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, and boutiques, creating a cozy, community-oriented atmosphere. In contrast, downtown Gilbert exudes a more upscale ambiance, with an array of high-end dining establishments and entertainment venues. Both areas offer family-friendly experiences, but the choice between them often comes down to personal preference.

Employment Opportunities

Chandler’s tech-centric economy provides ample job opportunities in engineering, manufacturing, and advanced business services. The Price Corridor stands out as a hub for innovation, hosting over 900 companies specializing in various tech-related fields. Gilbert, while home to notable employers like GoDaddy and Isagenix, offers a more diverse job market, with a focus on retail, entertainment, and remote work opportunities.

Retail Therapy

When it comes to shopping, Chandler boasts the bustling Chandler Fashion Center, renowned for its upscale stores and family-friendly environment. In contrast, Gilbert’s SanTan Village offers a mix of outdoor shopping and entertainment options, perfect for leisurely outings. Both destinations cater to diverse tastes, ensuring you’ll find everything you need for a satisfying retail experience.

Geographic Considerations

Geographically, Chandler and Gilbert are adjacent to each other, with easy access to major freeways like the 60 and 202. Your choice of residence may depend on your commute, with Chandler offering proximity to tech hubs like the Price Corridor and Gilbert providing newer housing options with larger lot sizes. Additionally, Gilbert’s location near Mesa Gateway Airport appeals to frequent travelers, offering convenient access to budget airlines.

Living in Chandler VS Gilbert, Arizona

Education and Schools

Both Chandler and Gilbert boast reputable public school systems, with options for charter schools for those seeking alternative education models. Charter schools provide unique opportunities for students and families, offering specialized curricula and instructional approaches. Families relocating to the area can explore these educational options to find the best fit for their children.


Whether you’re drawn to Chandler’s tech-driven economy or Gilbert’s family-friendly atmosphere, both cities offer unique advantages for residents. By considering factors like employment opportunities, lifestyle preferences, and educational options, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and aspirations. With their rich histories, vibrant communities, and diverse amenities, Chandler and Gilbert welcome newcomers with open arms, promising a fulfilling Arizona experience for years to come.