How Much Does Retiring in Arizona Cost in 2024?

How Much Does Retiring in Arizona Cost in 2024?

As retirement approaches, the search for a place to spend one’s golden years becomes a top priority. Arizona often stands out as an option due to its abundant sunshine, reasonable cost of living, and favorable business environment. Working closely with experts GOBankingRates has thoroughly examined the landscape to offer potential retirees a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to live in Arizona in 2024. Let’s delve into aspects such as housing cost trends in the real estate market, tax planning strategies, and finding the perfect retirement haven.


Retiring in Arizona

Tom Wheelwright, a known CPA and CEO of WealthAbility highlights the allure of Arizona for retirees. Besides enjoying constant sunshine throughout the year the state offers an average to low cost of living that makes it an enticing destination for those looking for a laid-back yet vibrant retirement lifestyle. Additionally, Arizona provides tax incentives to retirees, like exempting Social Security benefits from taxation and offering property tax relief for seniors. Wheelwright emphasizes the importance of understanding income limits associated with these benefits and advises retirees to consider these financial aspects.

Over the years, retirees have developed a strong preference for scenic views when considering a move to Arizona appreciating the state’s beautiful landscapes. A particular focus has been placed on mountain views and the availability of amenities like pools.

To gain insights into the Arizona real estate market, it is useful to examine prices in key cities. Mesa offers an affordable option with an average price of $450,000 while Scottsdale stands out as an upscale location with an average price of $1,000,000. These figures align with Zillow’s data on home values and highlight the importance of carefully tracking the real estate market for prospective retirees. One standout location highlighted by experts is Terravita in North Scottsdale due to its amenities such as golf courses, pickleball courts, and community centers. It has become a choice among retirees.

For individuals planning to retire in Arizona, it is crucial to consider the implications. A study conducted by GOBankingRates breaks down costs for retirees in the state. It indicates that housing costs are estimated at $15,059 per year while the overall cost of living amounts to $63,600 annually. However, when factoring in Social Security income this cost decreases to around $41,463 per year. To ensure a retirement, in Arizona and cover expenses adequately financial experts suggest aiming for a savings target of approximately $1,036,567.


However, retirees need to be aware of the challenge of inflation which can erode wealth faster than expected. It is recommended to work with financial advisors to address the impact of inflation on retirement savings.

tax planning

Strategies for Tax Planning

Wheelwright emphasizes the importance of tax planning when navigating retirement in Arizona. By managing taxes, retirees can improve their cash flow, which can help with future retirement funds or reduce expenses. While most people are familiar with retirement plans like IRAs and 401(k)s Wheelwright also highlights lesser-known opportunities. These include donating assets to charity exploring real estate or other sectors and taking advantage of Arizona-specific tax credits that can significantly improve retirees’ financial well-being.


In conclusion, retiring in Arizona requires planning and a comprehensive understanding of financial considerations. Collaborating with a financial advisor is crucial for ensuring a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. From finding the perfect home to making the most of tax incentives. As the sun sets over Arizona landscapes retirees can embark on a seamless transition, into their golden years. They can enjoy possibilities and a retirement haven tailored to their individual preferences.