How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pool in Arizona?

Ryan by the pool

Today, we’re diving deep into one of the most frequently asked questions: How much does it cost to build a pool? Especially for those in the beautiful state of Arizona! Whether you’re looking to spruce up a resale home or complete a new build home in Gilbert, it’s a burning question I get from a lot of my clients!. So, let’s break it down! If you’re more of a visual person, watch the video below!

The Ambiguity of Pricing

When it comes to the price tag of a backyard oasis, the honest truth is—it depends. While this might sound like a “cop-out answer”, the reality is that various factors influence the cost, such as the design, equipment, landscaping, and the pool’s size. But to give you a clearer picture, let’s take a walk through my own backyard, a project I started a couple of years back.

Designing Your Backyard Oasis

The first step is deciding on a layout. For a bird’s eye view of your yard, try Google Earth or if you’re tech-savvy, deploy a drone. With this aerial view, sketch or use digital tools like Photoshop or Canva to visualize your pool design. For me, a childhood dream of having a basketball court heavily influenced my design, ensuring the pool and court seamlessly integrate.

birdseye view of a pool in arizona

Finding a Pool Builder

Your next move? Rope in a professional pool builder. They’ll provide a customized design, possibly introducing ideas you hadn’t even thought of. I’d strongly recommend checking out the pool builder I collaborated with. They mocked up my backyard design free of charge, whereas others wanted to charge me!

Starting from Scratch

Many clients wonder about the cost of overhauling an existing yard. In my case, leveling the yard and removing numerous large trees amounted to $10,000. This readied the space for the pool and, trust me, it was a necessary step, considering my yard resembled a wild jungle!

arizona bare backyard

The Pool Base Price Tag

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—the pool’s cost. For my pool, measuring 45×22 feet and holding 29,000 gallons, the price was $45,000. Excavation, a pivotal part of pool construction, set me back $2,963—a flat fee regardless of the excavation’s complexity.

arizona pool with slide

Maintenance & Cleaning Options

Maintenance is crucial for a sparkling pool. My pool boasts both an in-floor cleaning system and a vacuum, simultaneously operational. This dual system was an investment of $5,972. And the equipment? Two pumps, a heater, and a blowing system amounted to $6,024.

Plumbing and Hydraulic Options

Large pools, like mine, might require additional hydraulic options. For instance, the two skimmers (which catch leaves) and associated plumbing cost an extra $1,634. Not to forget, the sheer descent water feature added $1,327.

pool plumbing

The Magic of Automation
If you’re investing in a new pool, it’s the age of technology! Make sure it’s automated and linked to your phone. We opted for the Hayward system, and honestly? It’s a game-changer. Way more user-friendly than its counterpart, the Pentair version. I can literally control my slide, alter light colors, and automate sequences right from my phone. Every night at 7, like clockwork, our lights illuminate the pool area. There’s even a ‘party mode’ for those late-night gatherings.pool lights at night

Gas and Fireplace Dreams
We invested a substantial $2,783 to install gas. And while it might seem pricey, this will eventually fuel our dream fireplace and, of course, our spa/hot tub.

All About the Tile
Your pool’s appearance? It’s hugely influenced by the tile you choose. We spent $1,025 on our tile – a minimalistic gray that elegantly complements our hot tub. While there were limited tile options, we went with a classic design instead of a more eccentric black tile. In hindsight, experimenting with smaller or circular tiles could have been a fascinating choice.

The Pebble Tech Finish
We chose a Pebble Tech finish for our pool, costing $4,992. Our choice of a lighter shade, aptly named ‘Ice White’, wasn’t just aesthetic – it was practical. With young kids, visibility is key, and this color gives clarity to see anyone in the pool, minimizing risks.

Classic Travertine Decking
We splurged a bit on our decking, investing $30,000 in travertine tiles. It spans around 2,000 sq ft, creating a luxurious and cohesive look from the pool to the hot tub.

arizona hot tub and pool with travertine decking

Turf Talk
Our original turf installation was quoted at $13,252. However, due to some under-measurement, the final cost was just shy of $20,000. But looking at the lush green patches beside our pool, it feels worth every penny.

Hot Tub Moments
For those chilly winter evenings, our hot tub is a haven. Costing us $9,432, it comfortably fits around seven to eight people. It’s my personal favorite, and I think it’s the crown jewel of our entire pool space.

Basketball Court Dreams
Yep, we have a basketball court too! It set us back by $38,000. We chose rhinocort plastic tiles, though in retrospect, an acrylic paint might have been a better (or at least equally good) choice.

arizona basketball court outdoors

Alumawood Awning
Shielding us from Arizona’s intense sun is our Alumawood awning, which we got at a steal for $20 per sq ft. The total cost came to around $7,000.

Misters – A Game Changer
To truly enjoy our outdoors during the scorching summer, we installed misters for $5,700. It’s a bit of an investment, but it transforms the outdoor experience.

arizona misting system

Unexpected Expenses
Every project has its surprises. For us, an unexpected retaining wall set us back an additional $4,000.

Final Thoughts
All these upgrades, from the pool tiles to the basketball court, have made our outdoor space a dream come true. It’s a blend of luxury, safety, and functionality. If you’re considering a pool upgrade or installation, always factor in both the obvious costs and the unexpected ones. But most importantly, make choices that cater to your lifestyle and preferences. And remember if you’re looking for a Real Estate agent in Arizona reach out!

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