Here are the Common Pet Policies in 55+ Communities

common 55+ community pet policies

Are you gearing up for a move to a vibrant 55+ community and wondering about the pet policies? Buckle up, as we take you on a comprehensive journey through the ins and outs of pet-friendly living for the over-50 crowd!


The Pet Perks for Over 50s

It’s no secret that pets bring unparalleled joy, but did you know they also contribute to your overall health? Lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, and a heart-healthy lifestyle are just a few of the benefits. Plus, with your furry companion by your side, social isolation takes a back seat.

Cracking the Code on Pet Policies

Moving into a 55+ community? Get ready for pet-friendly vibes, but remember, rules make for happy neighbors. Here’s your roadmap:

  • Type Limits: While common pets like birds, cats, and dogs usually get the green light, exotic pets might not cut. Keep an eye out for breed and size restrictions that some communities may have in place.
  • Quantity Check: Two pets are often the max, fostering harmony in close-knit spaces. In smaller living quarters, you might be limited to just one delightful furball.
  • Registration Routines: Many communities require pet registration, ensuring all residents are on the same page. It’s a great way to clarify rules and guarantee that your pet is a welcome member of the community. If you have a houseguest with a pet, be ready to notify the office if they’re staying for an extended period.
  • Nuisance Awareness: Be the responsible pet parent everyone loves! Keep noise levels in check, always clean up after your pet, and ensure your furry friend doesn’t disturb other residents or their property. Following these simple guidelines ensures a peaceful coexistence.

Doggy Deets

For those with canine companions, extra considerations come into play:

  • Leash Etiquette: Keep your dog leashed in public areas, ensuring the comfort of all residents. Not everyone is a dog lover, and a leash provides a sense of security.
  • Clean-Up Command: Always carry waste disposal bags and dispose of waste properly. Some communities offer pet pickup stations for added convenience.
  • Dog Park Dynamics: Dog parks are fantastic hubs for pet owners. Familiarize yourself with posted rules, and if your community boasts amenities like walking paths, watering stations, and dog parks, make the most of them!


Ready to embark on this pet-friendly journey? Check out 55places for a tailored guide to finding the perfect 55+ community for both you and your cherished companion.