EVERY Gilbert New Construction Community Amenity

EVERY Gilbert New Construction Community Amenity

Are you considering a move to Gilbert, Arizona, and pondering which of the city’s new construction communities might suit your lifestyle best? Join me on an immersive tour through these burgeoning neighborhoods as we delve into the diverse amenities and unique characteristics that define each community. Throughout this extensive exploration, we’ll delve deeper into the offerings, amenities, and atmospheres that these Gilbert locales present, helping you gauge which might be the perfect fit for your dream home.

Santana (Rating: 6/10)

In the southern reaches of Gilbert lies Santana, a community that embodies rustic charm. Santana offers proximity to Santana Mountain, ideal for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts. Additionally, its surroundings cater to equestrian activities, with nearby acreage properties hosting horse stables. However, Santana’s remote location might pose a challenge for those seeking more centralized living.


Cordillera Gilbert AZ

Cordillera (Rating: 5/10)

Adjacent to Santana, Cordillera boasts amenities like bocce ball, horseshoes, and playgrounds. However, as a community associated with KB Home, known for a more traditional design approach, Cordillera might not resonate with those seeking cutting-edge designs or innovative architectural concepts.

Atrium at Somerset (Rating: 7/10)

Nestled near the LDS temple, the Atrium at Somerset offers pickleball courts, a basketball hoop, and a modest clubhouse. Its amenities are commendable, but a monthly fee of $550 might deter some potential residents, making it more appealing to those seeking lock-and-leave arrangements.

Estates at Lamb Lane (Rating: N/A)

With only a handful of homes and limited amenities, such as a small grassy patch, Estates at Lamb Lane might not stand out in terms of community facilities, potentially falling short for those seeking a more enriched communal living experience.


Warner Meadows GILBERT AZ

Warner Meadows (Rating: N/A)

Despite its convenience, Warner Meadows falls short on amenities, offering minimal communal spaces beyond walking trails. While its proximity to desirable communities like Mawson Ranch is a plus, the lack of substantial communal offerings might deter those seeking more extensive amenities.

Cooley Station (Rating: 9/10)

As a Fulton Homes community, Cooley Station stands out with its abundance of green spaces, well-equipped playgrounds, basketball courts, and multiple pools. This community embodies the hallmark aesthetics and cohesive design associated with Fulton Homes, making it an attractive prospect for diverse residents.

This expansive tour of Gilbert’s new construction neighborhoods sheds light on the myriad facets of community living, catering to varied preferences and lifestyles. As you contemplate your relocation to Gilbert, consider factors like amenities, location, and overall ambiance to find the perfect match for your ideal home.


For those keen on diving deeper into Gilbert’s real estate landscape, the “Living in Gilbert” video series offers comprehensive market updates and valuable insights into this vibrant locale. Whether you’re a potential resident or an enthusiast of Arizona’s evolving landscapes, Gilbert presents an array of options waiting to be explored and experienced.