Choosing the Best Home Orientation in Arizona: Pros and Cons

So, you’ve decided to make the move to Arizona, but you’re now faced with the dilemma of choosing the right home orientation. In this article, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of different cardinal directions and how they can impact your living experience in the Arizona desert. Keep in mind that these insights are based on personal experiences and can help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Sun Orientation:

Before we explore the various home orientations, it’s essential to understand the sun’s movement in Arizona, which differs between winter and summer. To simplify this, you can use smartphone apps like “Sun Position and Path” to determine sun angles at different times of the day and year.


East-Facing Homes:




  • Ideal for morning people, as you’ll enjoy early morning sunlight.
  • Shaded backyard during summer mornings.
  • Enjoy beautiful sunsets in the west.




  • Reduced energy efficiency due to the intense sun exposure in the summer.
  • Pools may become uncomfortably warm in the evenings.
  • The master bedrooms at the back of the house may get hot in the summer.


West-Facing Homes:



  • Shaded backyard in the evenings.
  • Patio and pool may be more bearable than in east-facing homes.
  • Morning sun in the master bedroom.




  • Evening rooms may get warmer.
  • Vehicles parked in the driveway will be exposed to harsh afternoon sun.
  • Bonus Tip: For homes facing east or west, consider building a media wall facing north for better shade and reduced glare.

South-Facing Homes:




  • Front of the house enjoys sunlight throughout the day in winter.
  • Backyard offers more shade in the summer.



  • Chilly backyard in the winter due to limited sunlight.
  • Front yard may become warm in the summer.
  • Pools can be cold in winter and warmer in summer.


North-Facing Homes:



  • Consistent shade in the backyard during summer.
  • Front yard remains shaded and cooler.
  • Ideal for those adapting to Arizona’s unique sun patterns.



  • Master bedrooms may still receive heat in the summer, depending on their location.
  • Bonus Tip: For north-facing homes, consider building a media wall with the TV facing east to reduce glare and create evening shade.



Choosing the right home orientation in Arizona is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your comfort and energy efficiency. While south-facing homes are often recommended, north-facing homes offer a unique advantage in this desert climate. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully, considering your preferences and needs.


Download our comprehensive chart for a detailed comparison of each orientation to help you make an informed decision. Whichever direction you choose, your new Arizona home can become a comfortable and enjoyable oasis in the desert.