Buying a New Construction Home in Arizona: 7 Steps You Must Follow

Are you interested in exploring the option of purchasing a newly constructed home in Arizona? 

You’re certainly not alone! Arizona boasts a breathtaking landscape, ranging from bustling urban areas to picturesque desert scenery. With its warm climate, stunning views, and thriving economy, it’s no wonder that many homebuyers are drawn to this state.

Opting for a new construction home allows you to customize your living space to meet your exact preferences and needs. However, before you dive into the search process, there are a few key points to consider.

Purchasing a new construction home differs from buying an existing property. There are numerous factors to take into account, such as determining your desired location, selecting a reputable home builder, and choosing the ideal architectural style and floor plan.


Step 1: Identify Where You Want to Live in Arizona

Whether you reside in Arizona or are just visiting, you can guarantee yourself an abundance of sunshine, opportunities for outdoor activities, and a never-ending patio season. It’s no wonder that K. Hovnanian’s homes in Arizona all come equipped with covered patios.

Both visitors and locals will agree that there is truly nothing like Arizona. From the stunning red rocks of Sedona and the breathtaking natural wonders of the Grand Canyon to its rich cultural heritage, history, arts, and cuisine, Arizona offers an array of timeless experiences and unimaginable adventures.

If you’ve ever dreamt of swapping out your snow shovel for a barbecue grill, any location within the Grand Canyon State would be perfect. That said, here are a few locations in Arizona you can consider when purchasing a new construction home:


Casa Grande

Casa Grande presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking career advancement. This vibrant city offers a diverse range of industries, such as information technology, construction, and aerospace, providing ample prospects for professional growth. Additionally, Casa Grande boasts a plethora of entertainment and recreational options that cater to various interests.

Whether you crave the exhilaration of skydiving or the tranquility of admiring the scenic wildflower fields at Picacho Peak, Casa Grande ensures there is always something captivating to do. Moreover, its advantageous location, situated halfway between Tucson and Phoenix, offers convenient access to both cities.



Formerly a small town with roots in agriculture, Gilbert has now transformed into a thriving city with a booming job market and strong economic growth.

The East Valley region, including Chandler Airpark, Mesa Sky Bridge, and Gilbert’s Rivulon Office Park, presents numerous employment opportunities. 

Companies like FedEx, Isagenix, Morgan Stanley, and Liberty Mutual Insurance have established a presence in the area alongside various commercial and retail development projects. Bank of America, PayPal, Google, and Intel have also set up offices and business campuses in the East Valley.

Gilbert also offers an impressive selection of 100 golf courses within a 20-mile radius for those who enjoy golf. Additionally, the vast San Tan Mountain Regional Park, covering 10,000 acres, provides endless possibilities for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.



Glendale is a vibrant city that offers a plethora of entertainment options, making it a perfect destination for families with children. This welcoming and diverse community boasts affordable living, top-notch educational institutions, and an array of attractions and parks suitable for kids.

The ever-busy State Farm Stadium and Westgate Entertainment District are the epicenter for exciting festivals, concerts, and major sporting events. In addition to these lively venues, Glendale’s historic downtown area exudes its unique charm. Nature enthusiasts can also revel in the awe-inspiring landscapes of White Tank Mountain and Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

Glendale truly has something for everyone: endless opportunities for fun-filled family outings and memorable experiences. Whether you’re immersing yourself in the city’s rich history, attending a thrilling concert, or exploring the local parks, Glendale ensures that families with kids will have an unforgettable time.


City of Maricopa

If you’re seeking calm and quiet rather than busy city life, Maricopa will surely offer you a charming small-town experience. This area boasts a more affordable cost of living, including low taxes, making it an attractive option for people looking to advance their careers or retirees. With thriving industries in healthcare, professional services, automotive and engineering, agricultural technology, and information technology, Maricopa provides ample employment opportunities.

As far as entertainment options go, the Ak-Chin Circle Entertainment Center ensures there’s always something to do. Whether it’s catching the latest blockbuster at the theater or bowling with friends, you won’t be short on activities. And if you ever crave the excitement of a larger city, Phoenix is just a short commute away.

In addition to the vibrant community and urban amenities, living in Maricopa means easy access to Arizona’s breathtaking natural landscape. Explore the stunning Sonoran Desert National Monument and immerse yourself in the beauty of the desert scenery.



Phoenix, the capital of Arizona and its most populous city, is renowned as the state’s cultural center. With a thriving arts and culture scene, Phoenix boasts an abundance of museums and performance venues. From the acclaimed musical acts gracing the stages at The Celebrity and Van Buren Theatre to the renowned Phoenix Symphony at Symphony Hall, there is no shortage of artistic experiences.

Sports enthusiasts can catch a professional basketball game with the Phoenix Suns at the Footprint Center. Additionally, Phoenix offers a vibrant shopping and dining scene that caters to fashionistas and foodies alike.

For those who appreciate nature, Phoenix provides breathtaking views and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Sonoran Desert. Destinations such as South Mountain Park and Preserve, Papago Park, Camelback Mountain, and Phoenix Mountain Preserve offer stunning landscapes to explore.

Furthermore, Phoenix offers a range of public transportation options, features an international airport, houses four major sports teams, and boasts a thriving job market, particularly in the transportation, government, healthcare, and technology sectors.


Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Home Type

Homeownership has certain advantages regardless of the type of home you reside in. One such benefit is personalizing your living space according to your preferences. Additionally, by owning a home instead of renting, you have the opportunity to build equity over time.

However, it is crucial to recognize that there are differences among various types of homes. So, you must take these differences into account when making a decision. Now, let’s explore some popular choices for new construction homes in Arizona:



If you are looking for a living space that falls somewhere in between a traditional house and an apartment, a townhome might be the perfect fit for you. These multi-level structures typically have two or more floors and are connected to other units by shared walls.

Townhomes offer a unique sense of community, allowing you to be close to your neighbors. They often come with shared amenities such as a community pool or park, providing opportunities to connect with others. This type of housing also provides a living environment that blends elements of urban and suburban lifestyles, offering the best of both worlds.

Townhomes are suitable for older homeowners looking to downsize and first-time homebuyers who have outgrown apartment living. They offer an affordable alternative to detached homes while providing ample living space and comfort.


Single-Family Homes

When envisioning a typical residence, you likely imagine a single-family house. This independent structure is designed for one household and offers an excellent choice for those who value space and privacy. Whether it’s the desire for a backyard, additional bedrooms, or simply room to unwind, a single-family home meets these needs.

Of course, you might have neighbors nearby. However, you won’t share any interior walls with them, ensuring a certain level of solitude. Additionally, you will have your own outdoor area to enjoy. Furthermore, single-family homes allow for potential expansions and renovations, although you will also bear the responsibility of maintenance and repairs.

Although the cost of single-family homes can exceed that of other housing options, they can also prove to be a wise financial investment.


Multi-Generational Home

A multi-generational dwelling is a separate living area within a bigger house, which combines a guest house and a guest room.

This type of residence is more than just a sleeping area. It can include amenities such as small cooking areas, lounging spaces, bathrooms, and independent entrances. These homes are ideal for families with extended-stay visitors, grown-up children who haven’t entirely flown the coop, or elderly relatives.


Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Community Type

Arizona boasts an array of freshly built residential communities, each boasting a distinct charm. Whether your desires lean towards a community designed with families in mind, complete with a swimming pool 

Active 55+ Community

An Active 55+ Community is a vibrant living space designed specifically for adults who are 55 years old and above, offering a variety of amenities such as fitness centers, clubhouses, and social activities that cater to their lifestyle.


Gated Community

A Gated Community, on the other hand, provides an added layer of security, with access controlled by gates or barriers to ensure the safety and privacy of residents.


Mountain communities

Mountain Communities are perfect for those who love the grandeur of nature and outdoor adventures; these communities are often nestled in scenic landscapes offering breathtaking views and opportunities for hiking or skiing.


Waterfront communities

Waterfront Communities offer the tranquility of living close to water bodies like lakes, rivers, or the sea; they often feature homes with private docks and beach access.


Golf communities

Golf Communities are a golfer’s paradise; they feature homes built around professionally designed golf courses and provide residents with easy access to this leisure activity.

Master-planned communities

Master-planned Communities are meticulously designed residential areas where every aspect – from infrastructures to amenities – is thoughtfully planned for harmonious living.


Quiet communities

Quiet Communities offer serene environments away from bustling city life. They’re ideal for individuals seeking peace and relaxation.


Family-friendly neighborhoods

Family-friendly neighborhoods prioritize safety, comfort, and convenience for families; they often include parks, schools within walking distance, and various family-oriented activities.


HOA or Not?

A Homeowners Association (HOA) can be similar to a small-scale governance system for shared-interest local communities and residential areas.

Much like other aspects, HOAs come with both advantages and disadvantages. While regulations on matters such as outdoor aesthetics might irk some homeowners, others appreciate the well-kept conditions, typically a feature of HOA communities. Additionally, these communities often boast facilities, community events, elevated real estate values, dispute resolution mechanisms, and a pervasive feeling of camaraderie and community spirit.


Step 4: Move In Right Now or Build a New Home?

Newly built homes provide several universal benefits, such as compliance with the latest building regulations, incorporation of cutting-edge technology, and high energy efficiency standards, among other things. However, you must note there are distinct variations when it comes to a handful of typical 



Move-in Ready Homes

Should the thought of relocating with only your luggage sound appealing, you might want to consider opting for a fully furnished home. These homes feature stunning finishes and contemporary floor plans, eliminating the need for you to decide on matching tiles and cabinets.

So, a fully furnished home could be an excellent choice for those who have ever walked through a show house and desired to live there instantly.


To-Be-Built Homes

Homes that are yet to be constructed are referred to as to-be-built homes. The process commences with a simple piece of land in a neighborhood. Choosing a yet-to-be-constructed house allows you to observe your dream home being built from scratch.

This choice grants you the liberty to select your house’s design and location, in addition to providing more autonomy in deciding both structural and non-structural aspects ahead of time – such as upgrading your flooring, trading a loft for an additional room, or adding an expansive patio.

Even though the procedure requires numerous decisions and is more time-consuming, it’s an excellent option for anyone wishing their new residence to match their vision perfectly.


Quick Move-In or Spec Homes

An ideal compromise between the alternatives mentioned would be a freshly constructed residence with some elements open for customization. This allows you more freedom to tailor your home to your specific needs and unique tastes.

Suppose you’re drawn to the concept of a fresh start but aren’t thrilled with the wait time associated with building a new home from the ground up. In that case, you might want to consider these newly-built houses eagerly awaiting your personal touch to make them your own.


Step 5: Find the Right Home Builder in Arizona

With the abundance of choices available at your disposal, making the initial decision can be daunting. However, here’s a guide to assist you:


Plan a Visit or Explore a Model Home

A builder’s website offers a good starting point but provides limited information. If a particular Arizona home builder catches your eye, arranging a meeting with their Sales Consultant or visiting one of their model homes could offer valuable insight into the team you might be collaborating with and the potential home you could inhabit.


Consider Different Exterior & Interior Design Options 

Regardless of your ideal home style, the available design options are a critical aspect to weigh. It’s essential to understand the level of flexibility and variety a builder can afford and what you should expect regarding exterior elevation, tiles, flooring, cabinetry, and beyond.

Explore Incentives, Financing Alternatives & Exclusive Deals from Home Builders

It’s always wise to investigate what a home construction firm might provide in terms of funding options, special promotions, and price reductions. Some home builders in Arizona may be ready to propose attractive incentives to help turn your homeownership aspirations into reality.


Step 6: Get Your Finances and Mortgage in Order

Investing in a new house is a significant commitment. Thus, it’s crucial to prepare yourself financially. Unless you’re paying in full for your house, your mortgage plays a pivotal role in this journey.

Here’s some advice to set up your finances and cement your mortgage plans:

  • Consider obtaining a mortgage pre-approval: This gives you a sense of your borrowing capacity and enhances the appeal of your proposition to sellers.
  • Establish a savings plan for a down payment: A larger down payment reduces your monthly installments.
  • Review your credit rating: Your credit rating will influence the interest rate on your mortgage.
  • Explore various mortgage lenders: Compare their charges and interest rates before deciding on one. Also, investigate any exclusive deals from your home constructor.

Examine the closing disclosure with caution: This paper details all the clauses of your mortgage, so understanding it is key. Once you’ve settled on a lender and agreed to the mortgage terms, you can proceed with finalizing the process.


Keep the following points in mind as well:

Settlement expenses. Apart from your monthly home loan repayment, you’ll be responsible for settlement expenses. These expenses fluctuate, usually falling between 5% and 2% of the property’s acquisition cost.

Escrow account. An escrow account is an account that secures funds for your home insurance and real estate taxes. Your lender will take these funds from you monthly and deposit them into the impound account.

Title insurance. Title insurance safeguards you against potential property title issues.

Step 7: Prepare for a Move to Your New Home in Arizona

Once you’ve successfully navigated our initial six stages, you’re left with quite a bit. The entirety of the relocation process- from planning and deciding on furniture and design to decluttering and packing to the actual day of moving- is undeniably intricate.

Preparing for a move into a new home can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Many tasks must be completed in preparation, but by initiating early and strategizing in advance, you can ensure the procedure is executed smoothly. That said, here are some suggestions to prepare for your transition into your newly constructed home:

Begin packing well in advance: This gives you ample time to pack your possessions meticulously, avoiding last-minute anxiety.

Develop a moving checklist: This aids in keeping tabs on all that needs to be accomplished before, during, and following the move.

Establish utilities and connectivity: Ensure your phone, internet, water, gas, and electricity services are all prepared and operational for your moving day.

Implement safety measures for kids and pets: Ensure your new home is safe for your children and pets, providing them with a secure area to play and discover.

Take your time when unpacking your belongings: Take it slow and relish the process of settling into your new home.


Here are a few extra suggestions

Clearly mark your moving boxes: When it’s time to unpack, this will simplify the process of locating your belongings. 

Prepare a “move-in night” box: It should contain all the necessities for your initial night in your new residence, such as a fresh change of clothes, bedding, food, and personal care items. 

Don’t overlook minor details: Remember to pack essentials like cleaning items, batteries, light bulbs, and other basic necessities. 

Seek assistance: If you have willing family members or friends to assist you with your move, don’t hesitate to ask for their help.


Wrapping Up

Embrace the beauty of your newly built house and make it a haven shaped by your personal style and preferences. As you explore your new neighborhood, discover the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and friendly community that add to Arizona’s allure. Of course, the process of relocating might be demanding, but once you’ve settled in, you’ll find that every challenge will be a stepping stone toward this beautiful new chapter of your life.