Best Retirement Communities in Arizona

Forbes has deemed Arizona the seventh-best state for older Americans planning to retire or downsize, while GOBanking Rates has pinpointed several Arizona cities, including Phoenix, Glendale, Tucson, and Mesa, as budget-friendly retirement destinations where one can comfortably live on as little as $2,500 per month. The appeal of Arizona is evident in the fact that 5.9% of retirees who relocated in 2022 chose this sunny state as their new home, making it the fourth most popular retirement destination in the country. With the increasing demand for retirement communities due to a growing population of seniors and the current economic climate characterized by high inflation, we’ve curated a list of the top retirement communities in Arizona.


Why Arizona?


Arizona’s allure for retirees extends beyond its beautiful landscapes and warm climate. Here are some of the compelling reasons why seniors are flocking to this state:


Low Taxes: Arizona’s tax-friendly environment allows retirees to maximize their income from sources like Social Security, pensions, and IRAs.

Ideal Weather: The state boasts a pleasant climate, which is a stark contrast to cold or humid regions, making outdoor activities a year-round possibility.


Affordability: Compared to many other states, the cost of living in Arizona is relatively low.
Thriving 55+ Population: Arizona is home to a significant number of adults aged 55 and older, creating a vibrant community for retirees.


Outdoor Activities: The state offers abundant opportunities for exercise, recreation, and immersion in nature, such as hiking, parks, and nature preserves.


Cultural and Entertainment Scene: Arizona boasts a rich cultural scene with numerous attractions, festivals, and events to keep retirees engaged.


Quality Healthcare: Access to quality healthcare facilities is readily available throughout the state.

Golf Paradise: Arizona is renowned for its numerous golf courses, making it a haven for golf enthusiasts.


Snow-Free Zones: In many parts of Arizona, you won’t need to worry about shoveling snow during the winter months.


Proximity to Family: Retirees often find the opportunity to live closer to family members who have also chosen Arizona as their retirement destination.


Understanding Retirement Communities


A retirement community is a residential neighborhood, subdivision, or complex specially designed for older adults who can live independently and take care of themselves. These communities offer a unique lifestyle tailored to the preferences and needs of seniors, which may not be readily available in regular residential neighborhoods. They often feature recreational, social, and educational activities and events. It’s important to note that retirement communities differ from assisted living facilities, which are intended for older adults requiring professional care.

Moreover, retirement communities are not exclusive to retirees; they cater to a wide range of age groups. The label “retirement community” doesn’t do justice to the diverse lifestyle and benefits these age-restricted communities offer. Communities with designations like “55+” are popular among Americans looking to retire, downsize, or simplify their lives. While these communities generally don’t provide care services, they are often conveniently located near healthcare facilities and other essential amenities.


Top Retirement Cities in Arizona


If you’re considering retirement in Arizona, some of the most popular cities among seniors include:



Green Valley






Sierra Vista


Oro Valley


These cities offer a mix of amenities, services, and lifestyles tailored to retirees’ preferences.