Best Places to Raise a Family in Arizona

Arizona’s a mix of bustling cities and laid-back havens, perfect for families seeking a place to call home. From vibrant urban spots to serene suburban retreats, let’s dive into the top ten places that make Arizona an awesome spot to raise a family!



Buckeye’s seen a huge population jump, going from around 6,500 to 67,147 residents in just over a decade. This sunny town offers year-round sunshine, perfect for those seeking adventure at Buckeye Hills Recreation Area or Skyline Regional Park.


Gilbert’s gone from a quiet town of 5,000 to a bustling community of over 242,090 folks! Despite the growth, it’s managed to maintain that serene vibe, and it’s known for its hot climate and super-low crime rates.


Marana’s a cool mix of ancient history and modern living. It’s got a history dating back thousands of years and now houses around 45,123 residents, all in a safe, growing town.


Sahuarita’s another safe bet with only 13 violent crimes reported in 2015. It’s a great spot for families, offering safety and a vibrant community.


With Arizona State University’s bustling campus, Tempe is perfect for families wanting educational opportunities. Plus, the city offers a lively scene with plenty to do for everyone.


Chandler’s known for its tech scene and the famous Ostrich Festival! It’s bustling with activities and offers plenty of spots for some family fun.

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley offers a laid-back vibe with lush golf courses and a cozy community feel, perfect for a peaceful family life.


With a population jump from 30,000 to 135,345, Surprise lives up to its name! Great schools and rapid growth make it an exciting choice for families.


Scottsdale’s got that ‘Wild West’ vibe going on, split into different districts with diverse offerings. From tourism to cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone here.


Tucson is a lively city with over 532,323 residents and plenty of cultural events. Plus, the University of Arizona calls this place home!


These spots paint a vivid picture of the diverse family-friendly destinations Arizona has to offer, each with its unique blend of culture, safety, and fun.