Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

Understanding the complexities surrounding age restrictions in communities designed for individuals aged 55 and above is crucial for grandparents who may be taking care of their grandchildren. Given the changing dynamics of families, it’s common to seek out a community that caters to the needs of adults while also accommodating the presence of grandkids. If you’re considering moving to a 55+ community and have questions about whether your grandkids can live with you here’s what you should know.


Important Factors to Consider;

Community Specific Age Restrictions;

Not all 55+ communities allow grandparents to have children residing with them. In some communities, there may even be restrictions on how grandchildren can visit. It’s vital to research and select a community that aligns with your specific requirements

Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

The 80/20 Rule;

This rule states that at least 80% of homes in 55+ communities must be occupied by individuals aged 55 or older. Once this requirement is met communities have discretion in allowing residents younger than 55. However, each community decides how they allocate the remaining 20% of housing options.


Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) of 1995;

The Fair Housing Act exempts housing specifically designated for individuals, from discrimination based on familial status.

In 55+ communities, which are designed for adults aged 55 and older there is an exemption that allows them to decide whether or not they will accept residents with children. However, it’s important to note that in communities where children are allowed, some specific rules and regulations vary from community to community. These rules may include noise restrictions, limitations on children’s activities, and requirements for participating in community events. Before making a decision it is crucial to understand and abide by these rules. 

The ultimate challenge lies in finding a 55+ community that not only welcomes residents with minors but also offers the necessary amenities and resources for children. Since the primary focus of these communities is typically on adults without children there may be features geared towards families. Factors such as proximity to schools family entertainment options ensuring children’s safety and access to playgrounds might not be prioritized. This necessitates consideration when making a choice.

Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

To find the fit for your needs and those of your grandkids it is recommended to reach out directly to the communities you are considering. While it may pose some challenges it is certainly possible to find a 55+ community that accepts residents with minors while aligning with your requirements. Conducting research will enable you to make an informed decision that caters, to both your needs and those of your grandkids.