6 Must-Try Foods in Arizona

Digging into Arizona’s grub scene is like taking a tasty tour through a flavor-packed history book. Here’s the lowdown on some must-try eats that scream Arizona:


Cheese Crisps

Think of these as Arizona’s crispy, cheesy pride and joy. You’ve got flour tortillas sizzling on a griddle until they’re golden brown, then loaded up with a generous sprinkle of crumbly, melty cheese. It’s a match made in appetizer heaven! Whether you keep it classic or jazz it up with onions, chilies, or other tasty toppings, cheese crisps are a hit. El Charro Café in Tucson and Teepee Mexican Food in Phoenix are just a couple of spots where you can score these mouthwatering snacks. They’re perfect for sharing during a laid-back hangout or as a prelude to a big meal.


Ah, the deep-fried wonder that is the chimichanga! Legend has it that someone accidentally dropped a burrito into a fryer, and voilà—the chimichanga was born. While its exact origin story might be a bit hazy, Arizona’s taken it and made it a crunchy, saucy delight. Picture a crispy tortilla filled to the brim with flavorful shredded meat, often smothered in delicious red or green chili sauce. Macayo’s in Phoenix, Charro Café in Tucson—they all claim a piece of the chimichanga’s origin story. Regardless of its roots, it’s a go-to comfort food that’s earned its spot in Arizona’s culinary hall of fame.

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Step aside, regular hot dogs! Arizona’s got a spicy, bacon-wrapped twist on this classic. These bad boys are loaded up with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and jalapeno salsa—all wrapped up in crispy bacon. Originating from Sonora, Mexico, these flavor-packed dogs found their way to Arizona, heating up the street food scene. Tucson vendors like El Güero Canelo and BK turned these dogs into superstars. They’re so good that they even snagged a prestigious James Beard Award! You can often find these tasty treats at roadside carts, where they sometimes get a wild makeover with Hot Cheetos and nacho cheese.


When the Arizona sun cranks up the heat, there’s nothing like an Eegee’s icy fruit drink to cool things down. These frosty creations sit right between slushy and Italian ice, offering a sweet relief. What makes them extra fun? The flavors! They change up like the weather, with names like mango tango, orange dream, and galactic grape. Starting from a food truck in the ’70s, Eegee’s has become a Tucson staple. It’s the go-to spot when you’re craving something frosty on a scorching day.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Desert vibes and prickly pears go hand in hand. You’ll spot these vibrant fruits in candies and syrups at airport gift shops, but the real magic happens when they hit your drink. Prickly pear lemonades and margaritas are like a sip of Arizona summers—refreshing, tangy, and delicious. While some might go for the candy, locals know the real treasure lies in those bright purple prickly pear fruits you can snag at farmers’ markets. They’re the secret to whipping up some seriously cool drinks.

Navajo Tacos

Alright, picture this: no tortillas, just golden-brown fry bread piled high with beans, chili, ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese. These hefty, flavor-packed Navajo Tacos—also known as Indian Tacos—bring a unique twist to the table. They’ve got roots in Arizona’s Indigenous communities, showcasing a blend of history and deliciousness. Fry bread, with its crispy exterior and fluffy interior, plays a starring role. It’s comfort food with a story, tying into a complex history of resilience and adaptation.