5 BEST Areas to Live in Chandler, AZ

best places in chandler az

Are you in search of a home in Chandler, Arizona? When looking for an area to settle down there are several factors to consider such as location, schools, affordability, convenience, and amenities. In this guide, we will explore five different neighborhoods in Chandler that can help you find the one that suits your unique needs. Hi there! I’m Courtney, a realtor from Phoenix who is here to share insights into the distinct characteristics of each neighborhood. Whether you’re buying a home selling your current one or planning to relocate I’ve got all the information you need. So let’s dive into the five neighborhoods in Chandler.



Our journey begins in Ocotillo, a planned community situated on the southern side of Chandler spanning about 1900 acres. Developed during Chandler’s growth period in the ’90s Ocotillo offers a mix of upscale apartments, townhomes, and single-family houses. The community surrounds the Ocotillo golf course and features charming man-made lakes that add to its picturesque appeal. With a range of housing options available – from starter homes to waterfront properties – Ocotillo is renowned for its gated communities and amenities like pools and spas. Additionally, it enjoys proximity to Hamilton High School. The area provides access to major highways and offers an excellent array of amenities – making it an attractive choice for those, with diverse preferences.


West Chandler

When you move to the part of Chandler, which is often associated with Tempe you’ll discover a vibrant blend of neighborhoods within the Kyrene School District. You’ll find a range of housing options here including homes with homeowner associations (HOAs) townhomes, apartments, and even high-end residences worth millions. The construction in this area mostly dates back to the 1980s giving it a distinct character. Living in West Chandler means enjoying access to major highways such as 101, 202, and 10 making it an excellent choice for commuters. But what truly stands out about this area are its shopping opportunities. With the presence of Chandler Fashion Center and Phoenix Premium Outlets nearby it’s truly a dream come true for shoppers.

Heatherbrook Ironwood

Heatherbrook Ironwood

Now let’s explore the Heatherbrook Ironwood area situated northeast of Chandler. It’s the part. This neighborhood features homes that were built during the ’70s and ’80s and offers slightly more affordable housing options compared to other areas. Here you’ll find homes that usually don’t have HOAs ranging from three-bedroom houses to move-in ready properties. Its strategic location on the 101 freeway makes it an ideal choice for those who want easy access, to different parts of Chandler. Whether you’re looking for a home or willing to invest in some updates this area provides a variety of housing choices that can fit different budgets.


Downtown Chandler

Let’s take a look at Downtown Chandler, a diverse neighborhood that combines 1960s-style homes with modern luxury apartments. While there has been an increase in renters in the area the hidden gem is the bustling downtown scene. With an array of restaurants, lively nightlife, and frequent farmers markets Downtown Chandler offers a truly unique urban living experience. The recent addition of apartment complexes has only added to its allure making it an attractive option for both homeowners and non homeowners alike. The downtown area exudes charm with its music venues, rooftop bars, and charming coffee shops – worth a visit.

Southeast Chandler

Southeast Chandler

Moving on to the corner of Chandler we find upscale neighborhoods nestled along Chandler Heights Boulevard and Riggs Road. These areas are known for their homes and gated communities. The houses here are constructions and boast beautifully manicured landscapes. While they may be on the pricier side their older construction ensures mature landscaping that creates a lush green environment. Adding to its appeal is Basha High School which has earned ratings, on niche.com.

While the southeastern part of Chandler has an atmosphere it still provides essential amenities. However, it may have options for dining and shopping compared to other areas of the city.


In conclusion, Chandler Arizona boasts a variety of neighborhoods that each offer their unique charm and attractions. Whether you’re captivated by the landscapes of Ocotillo, the vibrant urban lifestyle in Downtown Chandler or the luxurious living experience, in Southeast Chandler there’s a neighborhood that perfectly suits everyone’s preferences. Heather Brook Ironwood also offers affordable housing options for those seeking budget choices.