4 Things to Purchase After Moving to Arizona

So, you’ve taken the plunge and moved to the sunny wonderland of Arizona, or perhaps you’re just thinking about it. In either case, we’re here to make your journey even more exciting. If you’re wondering what you need to kickstart your Arizona exploration, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’re going to share four essentials you should consider after setting foot in this awesome state. But that’s not all – we’ve got a bonus for you at the end. So, let’s dive into the Arizona spirit!


POGO Pass – Your Ticket to Year-Round Fun

First things first, you need a POGO pass in your life. What’s POGO? It stands for “one pass, one price, one year of fun,” and boy, does it deliver on that promise. If you’re a family that loves fun experiences, this pass is your golden ticket.


What’s inside the treasure chest? It includes multiple games at ASU (yes, that’s Arizona State University, and you’re practically getting unlimited visits!). Imagine a single trip to Golfland Sunsplash, a fantastic waterpark. But that’s not all – you get two visits to cheer on the Arizona Diamondbacks at their games, a double dose of fun at the Phoenix Zoo, and three rounds watching the Arizona Rattlers in action (that’s IFL football for those not in the know).

Feeling adventurous? Climb to new heights with two visits to the Phoenix rock gym, indulge in the enchantment of Enchanted Island amusement park (perfect for the little ones), and much more. The best part? POGO passes don’t break the bank, priced at $40 per person. It’s an upfront investment that pays off quickly and offers endless family fun.


America the Beautiful Pass – Your Gateway to Natural Beauty

Arizona is a treasure trove of natural beauty, from the Tonto National Forest for kayaking, boating, and hiking to the breathtaking Grand Canyon. To make the most of these wonders, you need the America the Beautiful pass. For just $80 per vehicle, this pass grants you access to these national parks without burning a hole in your pocket. Without the pass, entry can cost you around $15 each time you visit.


But here’s the catch: the pass comes with date and time restrictions, so you can’t reuse it. Instead, it’s your ticket to unlocking numerous natural havens across Arizona, including the Tonto National Forest, the Grand Canyon, and more. For some county parks not included in this pass, like Usery Mountain Regional Park and White Tank, consider the Maricopa County Parks pass, also priced at $85 per year.


A Kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard – Your Ticket to Water Adventures

Time to gear up for water adventures. Trust us, it’s an investment worth making. Whether you choose a kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or a hybrid like the Perception Highlights, you’re in for a treat. Arizona’s Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and Lake Pleasant offer perfect spots to kayak, paddleboard, and enjoy the serenity of the water. From sunset reflections at Willow Beach to family-friendly Val Vista Lakes, the opportunities are endless.

We know quality paddleboards can cost around $799 and require pre-orders, but the memories they’ll help you create are priceless. If budget or transportation is a concern, inflatable paddleboards offer a practical solution. Plus, you can always rent them for your friends when they visit. Your adventures on the water await!


A Golf Cart – Your Fun Mode of Neighborhood Transport

Now, let’s talk about a purchase that might raise a few eyebrows: a golf cart. It’s not just a frivolous expense; it’s your fun ride around the neighborhood, the quick hop to the pool, or even a family vehicle to teach your kids how to drive (in a safe, locked-in way, of course). Prices for golf carts vary, ranging from $1,500 to over $10,000, depending on your preferences and bling factor. Popular models include GEMs, ICONs, and EZGO.

But why a golf cart, you ask? They’re perfect for neighborhood cruises, giving you a sense of freedom and an enjoyable mode of transportation. They’re also a unique way to explore your new surroundings, and you’ll find countless uses for them.


Bonus: Useful Apps to Enhance Your Arizona Experience


And now, the bonus we promised – a set of useful apps to enhance your Arizona experience. While these apps extend beyond the borders of the Grand Canyon State, they’re essential for making the most of your adventures.


AllTrails: This app is your trail companion, guiding you to hiking spots with user reviews, pictures, and GPS assistance. You can even plan your hikes with it.


So, there you have it – your Arizona essentials, including adventure passes, water equipment, and a fun mode of transport. Add these to your checklist for an unforgettable Arizona experience. Download AllTrails to guide your adventures and make the most of your journey. Enjoy the land of endless horizons and adventures. Welcome to Arizona!