14 Celebrities Who Call the Grand Canyon State Home

Celebrities often seem to reside in the realms of Beverly Hills or New York penthouses, but some find their solace and sanctuary in the arid landscapes and stunning vistas of Arizona. While fleeting visits are common among the Hollywood elite, several high-profile personalities have laid their roots in the state, calling it their home sweet home.

Let’s delve into the lives of these 14 celebrities who have chosen Arizona as their base, steering away from the glitzy glamour of paparazzi for the tranquility the state offers.


Frankie Muniz

Once the face of “Malcolm in the Middle,” Muniz, now a Scottsdale resident, is a co-owner of Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars in Old Town.

Stephenie Meyer

The author behind the Twilight saga, a Scottsdale native and Chaparral High School alum, resides in a spacious Cave Creek home with her family.

Doug Stanhope

Known for his biting comedy, Stanhope retreats to the “Fun House” in Bisbee with his partner when he’s not touring the country.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Controversial in Bachelor Nation, Luyendyk Jr. and his wife, Lauren Burnham, call a Phoenix ranch house home, raising their daughter amidst social media scrutiny.

Bret Michaels

Poison’s frontman found solace near Pinnacle Peak in north Scottsdale, his appreciation for the Southwest tied to the support he received during health struggles.

Daniel Bryan

Wrestling star Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, have made their home in north Scottsdale, a place they share with their expanding family.

Danica Patrick

The renowned race car driver resides lavishly in a sprawling mansion near Taliesin West, an embodiment of her success both on and off the track.

Rob Halford

Drawn in by Arizona’s climate and spirit, the Judas Priest frontman has been a Paradise Valley resident since 1978, relishing the desert’s allure.

Charles Barkley

While his eye may have glanced at political aspirations, Barkley remains in his Paradise Valley abode, his antics providing local entertainment.

Alice Cooper

A Valley staple, Cooper’s ties to Arizona run deep, from his local roots in The Spiders to his active presence and charitable engagements.

George Takei

Known for more than Star Trek, Takei and his husband retreat to their Show Low residence, advocating against discriminatory legislation in Arizona.

Ice T

The rapper/actor’s Chandler home glimpsed in his reality show, remains a part of his and Coco Austin’s property portfolio.

Maynard James Keenan

Tool’s enigmatic frontman, Keenan, calls the Jerome area home, not just for his abode but also for his winemaking endeavors.

Michael Phelps

Having hung his swimming cap, Phelps resides in Arizona with his family, coaching and relishing a quieter life post-Olympics.


While some embrace the spotlight, these celebrities have found a retreat in the landscapes of Arizona,