10 Things to Know before Moving to Tempe, Arizona

In today’s blog, we’re delving into the heart of Tempe, shedding light on 10 crucial aspects you should consider before making the move to this vibrant city in Arizona. 

A College Town Essence

Tempe proudly stands as a college town, primarily shaped by the presence of Arizona State University. Home to the Sun Devils, this dynamic atmosphere adds a unique flavor to the city, making it an essential consideration for prospective residents.

Thriving Nightlife and Dining

Embrace the lively energy of Tempe’s nightlife and diverse dining scene. With an abundance of restaurants and entertainment options, residents can indulge in an array of culinary experiences and vibrant social activities.


Seasonal Cleanliness

While Tempe boasts cleanliness, it’s worth noting that in months other than summer, the city may experience occasional litter. A characteristic common in many college towns, this slight variation in cleanliness is a reminder of the dynamic and evolving nature of the city.


Tempe, being closer to Central Phoenix and well-connected by public transit, may exhibit a higher visibility of homelessness compared to some other areas in the valley. While not a major concern, it’s essential to be mindful, especially for families considering the move.


Transportation Hub

Proximity to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport highlights Tempe’s convenience for air travel. The city’s accessibility is enhanced by the presence of the light rail, a significant factor contributing to its transportation dynamics.


Sporting Event Access

Tempe’s strategic location positions residents within a short drive to various sports stadiums, including those hosting spring training for major league baseball teams. Additionally, ongoing discussions about bringing the Arizona Coyotes to the city present exciting possibilities for sports enthusiasts.

Tempe Town Lake’s Allure

Living near Tempe Town Lake adds a touch of magic to the city. The lake hosts festivals, concerts, and outdoor activities, creating a vibrant and engaging community space. Residents can enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, and other recreational pursuits along the lake’s picturesque shores.


North vs. South Tempe

Understanding the distinctions between North and South Tempe is crucial. The North, characterized by modernity and proximity to Arizona State University, contrasts with the family-friendly neighborhoods in the South, offering larger lot sizes and a more suburban atmosphere.

Home Prices and Age

Tempe’s real estate landscape includes older homes with higher price tags, influenced by demand, proximity to the university, and the absence of homeowners’ associations in some communities. Prospective residents must navigate these factors to find a suitable housing option.


Limited New Construction

As of now, Tempe sees limited new construction in the single-family home market. While there’s considerable commercial development, those seeking new residential construction options may find fewer choices compared to other regions.

Tempe is a city brimming with opportunities and a distinctive character shaped by its collegiate roots. By considering these key aspects, prospective residents can make informed decisions, ensuring a smooth transition into the vibrant tapestry of life in Tempe, Arizona.